sábado, 17 de março de 2007

Discography: Botânicos


[chat 007] 44:13

Blurring psychedelics from a hollow vegetative enviroment.

Melting free kraut inspired by some particular plants.

Botanicos is a floating improvisational project of Fabio Oliveira, aka Frithlang.

On this recording it consisted of

Thelmo Cristovam (Hrönir, Combo Recife de Improviso, etc) - sax, flute, trumpet;

C. Monjope (Mongha, Demilus & Duloren, etc) - electronic and acoustic percussion;

Filipe Giraknob (Tonguemische Quinteto, aFraternalFauna, etc)- knobs, guitar, effects, bowed guitar;

Mmendes (Deltree, Bedoze, etc)-Laptop, effects;

Annexus Can (CDG, Junkers, fst, etc) - bass guitar, bowed bass;

Frithlang (CDG, Fronha Coletiva, etc) - guitar, percussion, turntable.

Recorded live at Frithlang studio.

Produced by Fabio Oliveira and F S Torres.

"We return to a vegetable kingdom of our own making
Os Botanicos available from the Brazilian netlabel Menthe De Chat
Like a lost psychedelic masterpiece this recording has all the hallmarks of an early 70’s classic – and an incredible groove-some collection of tracks it is too.

When the sax hits the mix everything goes Sun Ra, the electronic elements - Tangerine Dream, that snakelike rhythm - Amon Duul 2, and that sprinkling of flutes - early Gong. All this comes to mind on the journey, but this heady mix of instrumentation is far too fluid for such comparisons. Although it weans itself from a long line of holier than holies it’s not just repeating history to template.

This hypnotic rhythm, not unlike the audio equivalent of a multi coloured lava lamp which your ear has difficulty tearing itself away from, blends all the textures together coaxing your mind into blossom – and what a wonderful bloom it is…"