sábado, 17 de março de 2007

Discography: Thelmo Cristovam + Fernando S. Torres

Thelmo Cristovam + Fernando S. Torres

[chat 005] 44:08

(http://www.kkfs.trix.net/menthedechat/catalogue/chat005.htm) & (http://www.archive.org/details/chat005)

Real-time composition for wind instruments, piezos and feedback, recorded at kkfs home studio jan. 13, 2005.

Thelmo Cristovam plays C-melody sax, trumpet, flute, plastic tube with reeds and an air duster, picked up by a microphone and 3 custom built piezo ceramics. These are then sent to Fernando S Torres, who controls a mixing console and two passive (non-manipulated) digital processors, all feeding each others and hence generating feedback.

A beautiful and extremely dense work.

Headphones please.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Jerônimo Lino Silva, Thelmo's father.

"The limited edition of Thelmo Christovam + Fernando S Torres (chat 005) is particularly fine, housed in a velveteen folder with an understated metal collage on the front – giving a stately air to the two darkly wrought tracks within. The sound is genuinely spooky , dense drones that drift through a psychoactive landscape, possessing a resonance that has all the un-nerving qualities of an Asian horror movie (been on a diet of Asian Extreme this Christmas break) - think shadows crawling around without a physical body or those corner of the eye glances of something unearthly that are pure cold-sweat scary. Best digested with your eyes closed..."