sábado, 17 de março de 2007

Discography: Compilations


compilation [insubcdr01]

*various free improv*

This release is the 1st physical object from INSUBORDINATIONS.

A 93 pieces CDR limited edition, hand-made cover, including improvisors

from Swizerland (Jacques demierre, Diatribes, Christian Graf, Nicolas Sordet,Hervé Provini), France (Eric Pailhe, Sébastien Cirotteau), Canada (Minus3, P.O.W.E.R),Italy (Crashbonsai), USA (Fist of Kong), Brazil (Thelmo Cristovam, Túlio Falcão), Argentina (Criadero En Seres) and Portugal (Variable Geometry Orchestra).

COLLECTION D'UNIVERS SPONTANÉS is an uncomplete, unfortunatly, review of the INSUBORDINATIONS's friends, expoloring the improvisations multiple formes, accoustic, electronic, mix of the both.

release date: 11/2006

01. diatribes+c. graf+n. sordet - interstices

02. minus3+1 - face à la dérive

03. crashbonsai - jack in the middle of a lake

04. eric pailhe - pont de tolbiac

05. jacques demierre - broken cloud

06. criadero en seres - narices entre labios

07. hervé provini - concret

08. thelmo cristovam & túlio falcão - sem título

09. fist of kong - the viral staircase

10. vgo - at the bomba sucida

11. p.o.w.e.r - de la guerre