quarta-feira, 7 de maio de 2008

Discography: Compilations

april 7, 2008

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'Exactly what you are hearing in this recording, made in Castanhinho, a black heritage comunity near Garanhuns city, in the countryside of the Pernambuco state of Brazil, I would prefer not to say. But to put these sounds in context: nowadays I'm totally immersed in working with indigenous and black heritage communities at countryside of my state (Pernambuco) and in the Brazilian Amazon forest of Amazonas state. I'm employed to record sound for video documentaries and to do sound design for them; the videos are political or video-art. Besides this I produce recordings for the musical groups of these communities. So of course, I'm doing a lot of field recordings in the work intervals.... :) Recorded with a Sony MZ-R90 MD recorder and a Sony ECM-DS70P stereo condensor microphone.' A mystery, then, for once — courtesy today's contributor, Thelmo Cristovam.

one-minute vacation

Surely you can spare a minute to clean your ears? Take a one-minute vacation from the life you are living.

One-minute vacations are unedited recordings of somewhere, somewhen. Sixty seconds of something else. Sixty seconds to be someone else.

A new one-minute vacation will be added each week on Monday if I can manage it (so far, there are 327 vacations).

The first year's worth of vacations are archived here, the second here, the third here, the fourth here, the fifth here. You can also purchase compilations of each year of vacations on CD; all profits go to charity. You can read more about the project here. (For use restrictions see here.)

Your participation is encouraged. If you have a recording that you would like to share, here are instructions on how to submit it. (And here's my advice on making recordings.)

If it's your birthday, this is your present.