quinta-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2008

Discography: Thelmo Cristovam + Fernando S. Torres

DIM009: THELMO CRISTOVAM + FERNANDO S. TORRES "s/t" cdr - real-time composition for trumpet, c-melody sax, concert flute, piezos, air-duster and processed feedback. recorded live at kkfs home studio january 13, 2005. - numbered edition of 33 copies in slim-line dvd case NEW!

CD-R by DIM Records [http://www.dimrecords.tk/] , Netherlands/Holanda




number 608
week 1


Improvised music from South America came
to us before from the Thelmo Cristovam,
who here teams up with Fernando S. Torres.
Together they played two pieces of improvised
- or rather 'real time composition' as they
call it - music using trumpet, c-melody sax,
concert flute, piezos, air-duster and processed
feedback. In the first piece the wind instruments
are pretty dominant and fed to the echo unit,
which I must admit didn't do much for me, so for
some parts. But at almost twenty-four minutes I
thought it was rather long. The second piece is
even longer, twenty-six minutes, but is much better.
The wind instruments are played more in onkyo style,
but heavily treated through all sorts of effects,
which makes this hardly microsound, but makes a fine,
densely layered pattern of sound, that occasionally
sounds like wind/storm sound. Intense piece that one,
and works really well. To release just that would
have been a much better idea, rather than being
complete, I think. Release your best
works, not your complete doodling. Their previous
release on Menthe De Chat is also included as MP3s
on the same disc, and is an another mix of the same
session - speaking about completists! (FdW)

Address: http://www.myspace.com/dimrec