domingo, 5 de agosto de 2007

Discography: Thelmo Cristovam - Field Recordings #03

Thelmo Cristovam - Field Recordings # 03 (fri063)

Web release by Frigida Records, Argentina

01. 20:55; 21/08/2006, noite/night
02. 04:42; 21/08/2006, noite/night
03. 20:07; 21/08/2006, noite/night
04. 09:03; 22/08/2006, noite/night

Field Recordings Series Produced at Mamori Art Lab Workshops.

Pure/raw field recordings made around Mamori lake, Brazilian Amazon Forest, during Francisco Lopéz's workshop "natural and virtual sound ambients: the "real" world as a source of sonic creations" at Malab 2006, organized by Asier Gogortza, Jordi Llorella and Nacho Martí, august 2006.

Thanks to: Juliana Freitas, Lindenberg Munroe, Tulipa Ruiz, Asier Gogortza, Jordi Llorella, Nacho Martí, Gerson, Francisco Lopéz, James Webb, Aernoudt Jacobs, Alex Masana, Raoni, Adilia and Curupira.

Special thanks to Adrian Juaréz, by the cover art.