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Discography: Thelmo Cristovam - Trombone

Thelmo Cristovam - Trombone (kra019)

CD-R by Krakilsk, Norway


Mono recorded, direct to minidisc, and edited in
january/february 2007 at v(g)erme home studio,
Olinda, Pernambuco, Brasil.

All the sound sources are from a valve trombone,
no process, no effects, no electronics.

Thanks to Daniela Valois Monteiro.

To Derek Bailey.


#kra019 - Thelmo Cristovam - Trombone

Utilizing nothing but his valve trombone, our Brazilian friend Thelmo Cristovam cooks up a dish of minimalistic free improv that just makes you wonder what the hell he is doing to that trombone of his! On the first track we get some feedback to go with it all, but on the last two it's pure acousticness. As imagery goes, imagine a surrealistic lifeform made out of airbags, skin, windpipes, rectums and lips or something similar, now imagine this lifeform creeping into a collection of brass instruments. This lifeform has a knack for the minimalistic, so it won't go all out on everthing all at once, but will delicately nudge it's depraved body around, making small sounds that might be heard as ugly and beautiful all at once while wrapping various bodyparts aroudn the different instruments with fluid like motion... Or just imagine our Thelmo going nuts on his trombone. Either way it sounds great!

number 571
week 15


Cristovam hails from Olinda, Pernambuco in Brasil and plays 'valve trombone' and recorded the three lengthy improvisations directly - mono (!) - to minidisc and later edited the material. In a strange twist Cristovam plays his trombone like the best onkyo players in the field, yet it's never too soft, and that's mainly due to the use of feedback that occurs throughout various stages of his playing, especially in the first piece. In the second piece the trombone is played with the mouth as well as various objects, and this is a more a silent piece. In the final piece (they are all of equal length) this is more balanced - the noise versus the silence. Although Cristovam could easily be lumped in with his European or Japanese counterparts I think he has a pretty strong voice of his own and should definitely be playing his bro's around here.(FdW)

Saída (ainda) recente de Thelmo Cristovam na norueguesa Krakilsk. O cdr de trombone solo, gravado no seu v(g)erme home studio, dá pelo nome de Trombone. Thelmo, multi-instrumentista brasileiro de Olinda, Pernambuco (n.1975, Brasília), membro do Hrönir, pegou no velho válvulas "todo remendado" e soprou vida nova no instrumento. A atenção microscópica sobre os átomos de som, ruído em baixo volume e “actividade” sem exuberância, esconde mais do que revela. Próximo das estéticas euro-japonesas do lower case, Trombone, dedicado a Derek Bailey, trabalha intensamente sobre o silêncio, esculpido com minúcia e desenvoltura. Muito diferente de anteriores trabalhos de Cristovam, muitos deles disponíveis em formato exclusivamente digital, que fazem uso de diferentes técnicas e instrumentos acústicos e electrónicos, Trombone é um estímulo para a imaginação, que nos deixa ver imagens em movimento que têm como pano de fundo cenários tão improváveis como paisagens lunares ou trechos da luxuriante floresta amazónica.

by eduardo chagas @ 23.7.07