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Discography: Hrönir - Abigor

HRÖNIR - Abigor
BSCD09, minicdr by Bone Structure, Belgium

Pseudomonarchia Daemonium vol II

ltd 50 copies in A5 sleeve with special brown background

Named after the writings of Jorge Luis Borges, this brazilian trio performs electroacoustic/concrete music, electroacoustic improvisation, live electroacoustic and noise. "Abigor" reveals a rather intense and concrete soundscape, in perfect relation with this demon to be invoked in times of war !


Hronir - Abigor

by [ j ]

Pseudomonarchia Daemonium vol II
Format: CD

Just shy of the 20 minute mark, this lone track begins so low at first I wasn't sure the disc was working, but it's a slow and steady build up of sub-harmonics. The track progresses with waves of white noise and delicate strains of live instruments. What instruments? I'm not sure…maybe some type of woodwinds and maybe chimes?

On first listen, I immediately thought this is what 20.SV "Unplugged" would sound like. This is more subdued than most run of the mill ambient projects, but still carries an undeniable power.

This release is part II of Bone Structure's Pseudomonarchia Daemonium series. Limited to 50 copies.

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Infection is your birthright.

That's how I could describe this shortly, but that would be unfair to this CDr.
There's a constant, monotonous layer of rumbling on this CDr, but in the background things are happening, you can hear sounds like voices, some metal percussion and some other unidentified sounds.
A strange kind of short fluteblows come through the rumbling from time to time, which sounds a bit disturbing.
Anyway, as I said the main element on this 20min track is the rumbling, but it's clear that there's movement in it, which makes it interesting and gives it, because most of the movement lays behind the layer of rumbling, it's special atmosphere.
Their music style is described as electroaccoustic, something I'm not familiar with, but this sounds quite good.
Released by Bone Structure.